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Korrelat Legal English specializes in legal and financial translations from Swedish into English.


Each project is carried out and proofread by a native English-speaking lawyer who is highly familiar with Swedish legal practices and the Swedish legal system. Our work product is polished by our many years' experience on the Swedish market and millions of words translated.


While our translation services are principally used by Sweden's leading law firms, listed companies and governmental agencies, our clientele span a broad range of sectors: banking, financial and consultancy services, IT and telecom, public services and the manufacturing and industrial sectors, to name a few.


As a natural element of our work on behalf of the legal and business communities, we also provide proofreading and editing services.


We also recognize the need for absolute confidentiality and address security issues very seriously. All translations -as well as the fact that we have been retained for a project - shall remain confidential. Korrelat Legal English has a complete under-standing of, and respect for, attorney-client privilege and attorney work-product privileges.